- Highly likely to recommend
01/08/2014 - user5105400
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $275K in Star, ID.

  • We had a great experience with Natalie. She was great to communicate with us throughout the process. We were able to stage our home for best results, price it right and have a smooth sell. We definitely had a great experience with Natalie as our realtor!
-Highly likely to recommend
12/14/2013 - tmn9
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $400K in Nampa, ID.
Natalie is everything that 99% of all real estate agents are not - she is hard working, dedicated, honest, available, courteous, tenacious and a pleasure to work with. In short, she is a consummate professional who is exceptional on every way!!

- Highly likely to recommend
11/19/2013 - paul619
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $225K in Boise, ID.
  • As an attorney and real estate investor, I always expect something to go wrong in real estate transactions. My most recent sale with Natalie Filbert was the easiest real estate transaction yet. Completely trouble-free. She made sure that everything happened when it should happen -- from the inspection to the appraisal to the closing. I kept asking her why everything was running so smoothly. Simply, that is how she does business. No drama and last-minute rushing. I was more than impressed with her follow-up and win-win approach. Without reservation, I recommend Natalie Filbert as a real estate professional.
- Highly likely to recommend
10/21/2013 - twhite007
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Nampa, ID.  
I found Natalie Filbert online while searching for a realtor specializing in short sale properties in the Boise area.And what i found was much more than i had hoped for,she is also an excellent relocation specialist.Natalie came prepared and ready to find us the perfect home.We had a very strict criteria for our next home and Natalie along with my wife found us over fifty homes to see which we did in just two days WOW what a whirlwind two days,by our forth day we were making an offer on our home.You see were from California and only had a few days to find and purchase this home and i have no doubt we could not have done this without Natalie Filbert as our agent .Her knowledge of the different areas was very helpful for us while preparing our new lives.I cant say enough nice things about Natalie she is charming in every way possible and we feel blessed to have her.Thank You Natalie for everything you do...
- Highly likely to recommend
10/01/2013 - user0618062
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $475K in Meridian, ID.
  • Natalie was excellent in helping us to find the perfect house for our family and our needs. She was great in the negotiation process in making us feel at ease and getting us the best price and concessions possible. I highly recommend Natalie in helping anyone who is needing a real estate professional.
- Highly likely to recommend
09/06/2013 - user50040917
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $450K in Boise, ID.
  • Natalie is by far the best realtor I've ever worked with. People talk about going the extra mile...she goes 100 extra miles. She's upfront, honest. knowledgeable, informative, and thorough. Do not hesitate to pick this one!
 - Highly likely to recommend
08/11/2013 - user00469526
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Eagle, ID.

Natalie is an exceptional realtor; she is very outgoing, professional, detail oriented, an excellent communitor and negotiator, and has a good sense of humor! We selected Natalie based on other reviews on Zillow, and we were not disappointed. As long distance buyers from Alaska, she helped us find the perfect house in the Boise area that meets our special needs. Upon very short notice of our arrival in Boise to look for a house, Natalie spent three days showing us many homes in the Eagle and Boise area. She took time to listen to us and understand our wants and needs in our new home, and is very knowledgeable of the Boise, Eagle, and surrounding area. During our buying and closing processes, she was always available to answer our questions and concerns. Natalie really cares about her clients, rather than just closing the next sale, and we highly recommend her as a realtor.  

- Highly likely to recommend
06/27/2013 - LauraVincentWelton
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 in Meridian, ID.

Our family has used Natalie twice in the last 3 years. In both cases she went above and beyond our expectations. She is professional but at the same time personable. Natalie has experience and instincts that allowed us to trust her opinions and strategies. She started out as our realtor but quickly became our trusted friend when it came to our real estate issues. Natalie Filbert has our highest recommendation.

- Highly likely to recommend
03/21/2013 - user1425418
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Boise, ID.

I was very pleased to have been lucky enough to find Natalie Filbert. We were looking for a house across the country and she had to do all of the leg work for us. She went up and beyond in helping us get a house that we would be happy with, she met with family at the house to show them around, she had to deal with some unexpectant delays that came about between us and our lender and she handled it with respectable authority, dignity and knowledge. Natalie was kind and assertive and knew her business, and was willing to put in the work to see a job completed. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in the Boise area, and I already have!

- Highly likely to recommend
03/21/2013 - user4953063
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Eagle, ID.

We were out-of-town buyers, which creates a lot of challenges for realtors. Even though it can be much more difficult to find a great house or a good price, Natalie got us both. It meant making offers on some houses before we could see them, previewing dozens of houses based on what we like but could not yet see in person, and careful negotiations or jumping on a house the day it came on the market. 

We highly recommend Natalie.

- Highly likely to recommend
02/11/2013 - user37779607
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $325K in Meridian, ID.

I cannot imagine ever using another realtor again. Natalie peformed nothing short of a miracle in finding us a home that we are totally in love with, within our budget, and we were able to close and move in around 22 days. Considering today's market and economy this incredibly fast close is almost unheard of. She is truly amazing and has performed in this same way for several of our friends and family members. Working with her was an absolute honor and she has our business forever!!!

- Highly likely to recommend
08/09/2012 - user3736023
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Meridian, ID.

I bought my home two years ago and used a family member as my agent. I decided not to use them to sell the home and found Natalie through Zillow. I was so glad that I found her because after we got an offer and the Buyer had their home inspection there was big trouble. My family member/Realtor had not advised me to have a home inspection and so I never knew there was a problem with the home. It turns out that due to poor building practices the builder had completely neglected to install a firewall between my side of the townhouse and the neighbors side. The Buyer was so freaked out that they were going to terminate the contract. Natalie helped convince the Buyer's agent to advise her client to stay under contract. We agreed to fix the problem and it turned out to be relatively inexpensive for me. I actually made money selling my home (after only owning it for 2 years) and we closed on time. I would recommend Natalie as a listing agent to anyone looking to sell their home!

- Highly likely to recommend
08/08/2012 - mrdaveguy
Bought a home in Boise, Idaho in 2012.

Natalie was very, very insightful as we searched properties. Even though we felt we had a fairly focused idea of what we wanted in a home- she was instrumental in refining that. She helped us identify red flags in homes regarding functionality, location, and the impact of a multitude of area influences. 

She understood us, and what we wanted to accomplish. She was more patient than we were, wanting to be sure that we had a happy ending. We were very much impressed, and took comfort in knowing we had a capable agent to walk us through the process.

She is in tune with the Meridian/Eagle area especially.

- Highly likely to recommend
08/08/2012 - user4886183
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Boise, ID.
Natalie was referred to me by a Family member. I contacted her the moment we were ready to purchase our first home and on our first consultation phone call she explained to me the process of buying a home and what to expect in this market. She was able to get us out to look at multiple homes that we liked in our price range within a few days. To our luck one of those homes we fell in love with. She knew when we walked in as well that we had hit the jack pot on what we were looking for. Within minutes she was on the phone leaving a message for the listing agent. We put in an offer within the hour and it was accepted! This entire home buying process has been new to my husband and I and Natalie has made it very smooth and informative.

- Highly likely to recommend
05/27/2012 - user537444
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Boise, ID.

Natalie is so good, she found our dream home and facilitated the sale when it wasn't even on the market!!! I've told many friends and aquaintances about our "surreal" home buying experience and every one of them say "Now that's a good realtor!" Working with Natalie was so great, because she was 150% committed to finding our perfect home. She took time to understand our needs, then she enthusiastically pursued homes that fit the bill...even ones that weren't for sale. We love our home and will sing Natalie's praises to all who'll listen!

- Highly likely to recommend
05/22/2012 - user432284
Bought a home in Eagle, Idaho in 2012.

Natalie is the most thorough real estate agent I have ever worked with, and I used to be an agent myself! She is straight-forward, hard-working, and persistent. She has an amazing ability to tell her clients how it is, even if it is not what they want to hear, yet remain sweet and compassionate. Natalie consistently thinks outside of the box and makes things happen. She is a problem-solver. She also understands that usually things happen for a reason and patiently walks along with her clients, ready for the next step when things don't go as expected. We were Natalie's clients for over a year, and she graciously wrote up five different offers over the course of that year, with the first one falling through due to the inspection, and the next three getting beat out by competing offers, until we finally obtained a gorgeous property that we never thought possible. I know that sounds dramatic, but I am not kidding even a little bit. All of the details lined up perfectly under Natalie's leadership: she wrote a solid offer out of the gate, she recommended a wonderful mortgage lender who helped to line things up so that we locked into an excellent rate, she communicated effectively with the seller's agent, and she dealt with us in a prompt and effective manner, as well. I really don't know how Natalie stays organized with a husband, three active boys, several well-loved and taken care of pets, and a hectic schedule taking care of clients, but she does! We love Natalie. I have referred her several times before, and I will continue to refer her to my family and friends who need an expert in real estate. Thank you Natalie Filbert!

- Highly likely to recommend
05/17/2012 - user157674
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Meridian, ID.

I was a first time buyer with very big dreams. Sadly I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to live out those dreams. Natalie discovered this early on and committed to ensure I bought a home that I wouldn't regret. I fell in love, quickly, with the first home she showed me, as did I with the second... Every listing had so much potential... I was eager to make an offer. Natalie set a minimum of three days packed with listings before she would allow me to make and offer. I'm so thankful she took the time to understand me and my needs because I ended up buying a home far different than any we viewed in the first month. Did I mention it took me over a dozen trips with Natalie before we found the perfect home? She is one dedicated agent, she stuck by me and never gave up. As my new agent and friend, I will recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home. Stevie.

- Highly likely to recommend
03/27/2012 - user170966
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Boise, ID.

Natalie is a professional with an excellence sense of the market and the actions needed to sell a home. Her positive attitude, energy and follow-up makes her stand out among the many real estate agents. She is in her own class. Listen to what she tells you and you too will have success. She will make you feel like you are her only customer.

- Highly likely to recommend
03/26/2012 - user803525
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Eagle, Idaho

.Natalie helped us identify several properties in the Boise ID area while we were living in our home in AZ. Based largely on the profiles she had sent us, we gave her a list of those properties we were interested in viewing when we traveled to Boise. Promptly upon our arrival in Boise, she showed us a number of properties in the areas we were interested in. She also showed us several propeerties that were not currently listed for sale but that she had knowledge that the owners might still be interested in selling. She helped us make an offer on one property we liked but that did not result in an acceptance by the seller. We then looked further and with her help made an offer on another property that was accepted and we proceeded to closing. Natalie is the best!

- Highly likely to recommend
03/26/2012 - user261149
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Southeast Boise, Boise, ID.

I think one of the most impressive talents that Natalie has is that she LISTENS. I am moving to Boise for family reasons and had never bought a house before. Natalie and I spoke for several minutes and she referred me to several possibilities. One of which I ended up buying. I had some severe restrictions on what I wanted to do because I am nearing retirement and wanted a situation that I could afford once I do retire, Natalie understood and sent me to houses that met my needs. Her emphasis was always on my needs; not her commission. 

Natalie is well-connected to others who helped me through the process. She recommended a GREAT mortgage representative, a great inspector, and really held me hand throughout. She was available and responsive any time I reached out for her. I recommend her without reservation.

- Highly likely to recommend
01/15/2012 - pypermorgan
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in West  Boise, Idaho.

Natalie is seriously AMAZING! Thank you Natalie for all the time you spent finding us this house that is absolutely perfect for us.

- Highly likely to recommend
01/13/2012 - windows pro
Bought a home in Boise, Idaho in 2011.

Natalie is the best real estate agent I have ever used period. I purchased two investment homes from her, she handled all transactions very professionally from purchase to all final paper work.I can not say enough about her,I give her my complete recommendation.As a mater of fact I am in the process of getting ready to contact her about another purchase.

- Highly likely to recommend
01/10/2012 - DanSkinner
Bought a Multi Family home in 2011 in  Boise, ID.

I've purchased 7 investment properties with Natalie, all were REO or short-sale, and Natalie was awesome! A few speedbumps as you would expect for these kinds of properties, but Natalie kept the ship floating through stormy seas.

- Highly likely to recommend
01/10/2012 - Dale Sanger
Bought a home in Boise, ID in 2011.

Natalie helped me immensely with a rental property that I wanted to purchase. Natalie is a unique person in that she actually cares about the people she represents. That is a difficult thing to find in an agent in this day and age. I would highly recommend Natalie for any home selling or buying purposes, she is fantastic at what she does!!